Spending Blindly = No Clear Vision

I was reading a story about RedEnvelope (I’m not affiliated with them) today. It started out as a typical marketing case study – with the usual woes of what was going on before massive change and an insertion of marketing talent, followed by the high success of the marketing efforts of those same people. It […]

Website, You Lost Me At “No RSS”

Congratulations, through some source or search I’ve conducted, I’ve landed on your website. I like what you have to say about the particular topic I’m currently reading. I want to hear more from you in the future, but I’m lazy, I like to have content force-fed to me, so, since you don’t seem to believe […]

Do You Really Know Your Customers?

Your customers are each individual people. No one customer is exactly the same as the next one. When performing your market research, you will undoubtedly come across and/or use such terms as: target market, demographics, household income, etc. It is crucial, though, to realize that though this data is valuable, it is nothing more than […]

7 Online Conversion Keys

Having the right conversion strategy will help you attain your online marketing goals. In the list below, I have outlined the key areas to focus on with websites that have non-ecommerce related conversion goals in mind, for example, getting a customer to call your business from your website, or fill in a form. I look […]

Are Teaser Tweets a Good or Bad Idea?

A good friend of mine who also happens to be an up-and-coming MMA insider, has recently started actively using Twitter – partly, I claim, because of my constant prodding. He brought up an interesting point today: should you use “teaser” tweets to get people interested in something you are working on? Or are teaser tweets […]

A Sad Time For Newspapers

When Al Gore invented the Internet the Internet was new, few people expected it to become as commonplace as it is today. Now that it is, many traditional media outlets are suffering the wrath of innovation. I don’t know who first said, “Change or die!” but the message can be applied to all facets of […]

What Do People Say About You Online?

Social media is quickly moving beyond the realm of “buzz” and is being recognized as a marketing landscape game-changer. Twitter has exploded, and Facebook had more traffic on Christmas day 2009 than Google did. To survive in this new marketing world, you better know how to navigate it’s waters. The Power of Twitter Twitter has […]

7 Free Marketing Turbo-Chargers

In a recession-driven economy, when other competitors are cutting back on their marketing plans because they are costing them too much money, you can take advantage of their slow-down by increasing your efforts – and with these free ideas, you can do it without spending any more money. 1) Start a Blog If you do, […]

Should You Believe That Poll?

Mashable.com posted a poll on the 15th of this month asking the dubious question: Who would win in a fight: Nexus One or iPhone 3GS? And from the start, hype ensued. First and foremost, I think polls have their place. Even though they have a ridiculous margin of error, I believe they have the ability […]

Phone Books: A Slow Agonizing Death

Ask 9,856 people on polldaddy.com the question, “Do you still use a phone book?” and you will find out that a whopping 7,498 (or 76%) people will tell you that they never do. 20% will tell you that they rarely use one, and a meager 4% of them will tell you that they still use […]