Irrelevant Landing Pages Stink

Advertising is commonplace. People remember TV commercials, they are motivated by radio ads, and they take a genuine interest in advertising that catches there eye. People talk about that last beer commercial or body wash commercial.

Online advertising, though it may not be as openly discussed at a party, has proven itself effective time and time again. If it didn’t, companies wouldn’t continue to pay for it (well, you’d hope so, anyway). The thing that irritates me, and I’m sure others, is when a company creates an enticing ad, then sends me to a landing page that has absolutely nothing to do with the original ad copy. This happens much more often than it should, and it is an irresponsible use of marketing budgets.

Here’s an example of GE doing this very thing:

I noticed this ad while browsing my Google Reader:


Interesting, they are talking about the possibility of switching from using AC to DC or vice-versa… That sounds very intriguing… CLICK. Then, I am taken to a page with this:


Um, that’s not what I was expecting…

GE, you spend BILLIONS on advertising. Some of it is really exceptional. There really is no excuse for this kind of amateurishness. If this was an ad for a small company, that was working with 1-2 people in the marketing department, there would be much more room for understanding.

The sad part is that GE isn’t the only large company that does this kind of thing. It begs the question, how many millions of dollars are these companies wasting every day by allowing screw-ups like this in their marketing? Because, not only will this sort of activity cause a user to leave the site instantly, they will also be less likely to trust (and therefore click) the next ad they see by that particular company. I know I won’t be so quick to click the next time I see a GE ad that grabs my attention…