In Defense of Luxury Car Christmas Ads

I’ve heard a lot of people around me complaining about the “ridiculous” luxury car commercials that are currently being flooded into the market. Most of the complaints I’ve heard have been in reference to the fact that they are simply unbelievable. Like this one:

It seems a bit far-fetched that such a young couple, in this economy, can afford such an elaborate Christmas present. Sure, there are the outliers that would disprove this consensus. But the fact remains, most people don’t “buy” it.

The other comments I often hear are similar to, “If I could afford to buy such an expensive car for a Christmas present, I’d spend the money on something else.” Or, “Who buys a $50,000 car as a Christmas present?” Admittedly, I tend to agree with both sentiments. But I also am not currently in a position to make such a decision, eliminating my ability to speak for the target demographic.

That said, though, I find myself defending the ads. Christmas is a perfect time for the people that can afford to buy a luxury car to do so. This is for a couple of reasons: 1) it’s the end of the year, those that are trying to include as many expenses as possible for tax deduction purposes have much to gain from such a large purchase (regardless of the political, moral, or ethical implication of doing so), and 2) most affluent people have learned the ever-important skill of saving their money, and many do so through the course of the year, and use the end-of-the-year aspect of Christmas to spend some of that money.

So are the ads a bit cheesy? Sure, to many of us. To those in the target market, though, I’d venture a guess that this is not the sentiment. Besides, I’m looking forward to the day that I’ll be able to buy my wife a $50k car as a Christmas present, it’s gonna be awesome to see the look on her face.

So, I can see both sides. Which side are you on? Do you like the ads? Do they make you want to buy a luxury car as a Christmas present? Or do you think they are cheesy/silly and out-of-touch?