When Marketing To Millennials: Be Real

Tech savvy and born into the post-50’s advertising world, people born between 1980 and 2000 (Millennials) believe they’ve got businesses pegged. They know when a company is abusing advertising and they know when things are too good to be true. I think I know a bit about this, as I was born in the early […]

A Sad Time For Newspapers

When Al Gore invented the Internet the Internet was new, few people expected it to become as commonplace as it is today. Now that it is, many traditional media outlets are suffering the wrath of innovation. I don’t know who first said, “Change or die!” but the message can be applied to all facets of […]

Phone Books: A Slow Agonizing Death

Ask 9,856 people on polldaddy.com the question, “Do you still use a phone book?” and you will find out that a whopping 7,498 (or 76%) people will tell you that they never do. 20% will tell you that they rarely use one, and a meager 4% of them will tell you that they still use […]