Spending Blindly = No Clear Vision

I was reading a story about RedEnvelope (I’m not affiliated with them) today. It started out as a typical marketing case study – with the usual woes of what was going on before massive change and an insertion of marketing talent, followed by the high success of the marketing efforts of those same people. It […]

7 Free Marketing Turbo-Chargers

In a recession-driven economy, when other competitors are cutting back on their marketing plans because they are costing them too much money, you can take advantage of their slow-down by increasing your efforts – and with these free ideas, you can do it without spending any more money. 1) Start a Blog If you do, […]

Smart People. Stupid Marketing.

Why do smart business people sometimes make stupid marketing decisions? Simple, they get sold. I am an independent marketing consultant. “Big deal,” you may be saying, “I know a bunch of ‘marketing consultants.’” Ask yourself this question: Do they work for an independent firm with nothing to gain financially if you decide to purchase whatever […]