Irrelevant Landing Pages Stink

Advertising is commonplace. People remember TV commercials, they are motivated by radio ads, and they take a genuine interest in advertising that catches there eye. People talk about that last beer commercial or body wash commercial. Online advertising, though it may not be as openly discussed at a party, has proven itself effective time and […]

Website, You Lost Me At “No RSS”

Congratulations, through some source or search I’ve conducted, I’ve landed on your website. I like what you have to say about the particular topic I’m currently reading. I want to hear more from you in the future, but I’m lazy, I like to have content force-fed to me, so, since you don’t seem to believe […]

7 Online Conversion Keys

Having the right conversion strategy will help you attain your online marketing goals. In the list below, I have outlined the key areas to focus on with websites that have non-ecommerce related conversion goals in mind, for example, getting a customer to call your business from your website, or fill in a form. I look […]

Can A 9-Year Old Find Your Business?

An interesting thing happened this morning. After sleeping in past 7:30 (part of my Saturday traditions), I proceeded to get up and mosey into the living room where Lynne and Caden were already up watching TV. After sitting quietly watching Caden flip through the full cycle of channels without finding anything that he seemed to […]