Are Teaser Tweets a Good or Bad Idea?

A good friend of mine who also happens to be an up-and-coming MMA insider, has recently started actively using Twitter – partly, I claim, because of my constant prodding. He brought up an interesting point today: should you use “teaser” tweets to get people interested in something you are working on? Or are teaser tweets simply an annoyance in the already clogged data stream that is Twitter?

Personally, I don’t like teaser tweets, simply because I value my time dearly. I want to read what the people I follow on Twitter have to say – if I didn’t, I wouldn’t follow them, but I don’t enjoy reading messages that don’t carry much meaning, which, in my opinion is typically where teaser tweets get categorized.

I am an instant gratification type of person – if I don’t get it right now, I probably won’t get it. My wife accuses me of this all the time – I’m impulsive, I’ll admit it. I’m impulsive in both directions, though. If I want something bad enough, I get it right then. However, on the opposite hand, if I don’t get something right then, I tend to believe “it wasn’t meant to be,” and/or “I obviously don’t want it bad enough to actually get it,” so I typically let that thing fall off of my radar – at least for a while.

This is particularly true for information/news/blog posts. If it isn’t available right now, I am not (typically) going to go to the effort to setup a reminder for myself to catch it when it becomes available later.

That’s me, though. What do you think? Are teaser tweets a good idea, or a bad one? Let me know what you think in the comments below.