7 Online Conversion Keys

Having the right conversion strategy will help you attain your online marketing goals. In the list below, I have outlined the key areas to focus on with websites that have non-ecommerce related conversion goals in mind, for example, getting a customer to call your business from your website, or fill in a form. I look forward to the ensuing conversations.

These are 7 key areas in the online marketing world, each with its own sub-set group of strategies to consider.

  1. Research
    • Analytics – Make Full Use of the Power of the Web
    • Keyword Research – Don’t Assume You Know What People Search For
    • Customer Surveys – Straight From The Source
  2. Landing/Funnel Pages/Post-Click-Marketing
    • Conversion Goals – Knowing What You Want To Happen Is Half The Battle
    • Predictive Paths – Customers Don’t Always Know What They Are Looking For, Help Them Find It
    • A/B Testing – Just Because Tim Responded To Your Site, Doesn’t Mean Sally Will
  3. Social Networks
    • When, How, and Why to use Social Networks
    • Facebook – Gaining top-of-mind awareness
    • Twitter – Dialog (starting/maintaining conversations with customers)
    • LinkedIn – Establishing/maintain professionalism and credibility
  4. Usability/Design
    • User Analysis – Understanding Your Site’s Demographics
    • Flash vs. JavaScript – Does Your Site Really Need To Use Flash?
    • Color – Black on White or White on Black? How To Use Color Appropriately
    • Fonts/Typography – Using the Right Font At The Right Time
    • Quality Assurance Testing – Just Because You Use Firefox 3.0 Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Does
  5. Search Engine Optimization
    • Domain Name Research – Finding the Perfect Domain Name
    • Content Development – If You Don’t Already Know: Content IS King
    • Meta Tags – Don’t Forget About These Guys
    • Conversion Tracking – You’ve Set Your Goals, Now Make Sure You Are Attaining Them
    • Hiring An SEO Firm – What To Watch For, What Questions To Ask, and More
  6. Search Engine Marketing
    • Keyword Research – Sometimes You Have To Know Which Words NOT To Use
    • Ad Relevance – If Your Ad Is For Shoes, Your Site Better Be Too
    • A/B Testing – Some Ads Work Better Than Others
    • Quality Score – Google’s Way of Making Sure Your Ads Don’t Suck
    • Conversion Tracking – From Ad Click To Customer Action, You Should Know Who Does What
    • Hiring A Pay-Per-Click Management Firm – What To Watch For, What Questions To Ask, and More
  7. Lead Management & Customer Service
    • Lead Management Software (CRM) – What To Look For in LMS/CRM Vendors
    • Email Newsletters – Do It Yourself Tools To Make It Easy
    • Support Ticket Systems – Customers Inevitably Will Need Help With Something, Give It To Them
    • Online Chat Systems – Increase Retention, Improve Time-To-Revenue Cycles