Text Spamming: Are You Guilty?

It never ceases to amaze me when an organization has the audacity to send me a text message without my permission to do so. Seriously, do these people not understand the idea of “inbound” marketing? It all started with an innocent signup for a “free” program that was geared toward people like me who enjoy […]

How To: Look Like An Amateur on Twitter

Twitter has exploded past the mainstream growth curve and is finding its way into marketing programs that are run by people with little to no experience using social media as a community building tool with a marketing mindset. When rookies join Twitter on behalf of the companies or programs they work for, veterans can sniff […]

Key To A Successful Marketing Plan: Action

I like Wikipedia’s definition of a plan: A plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective.[1] As far as definitions go, this is pretty spot-on. What so many business owners and marketers forget or fail at, though, is the actually the most important step: action. […]

When Marketing To Millennials: Be Real

Tech savvy and born into the post-50’s advertising world, people born between 1980 and 2000 (Millennials) believe they’ve got businesses pegged. They know when a company is abusing advertising and they know when things are too good to be true. I think I know a bit about this, as I was born in the early […]

Irrelevant Landing Pages Stink

Advertising is commonplace. People remember TV commercials, they are motivated by radio ads, and they take a genuine interest in advertising that catches there eye. People talk about that last beer commercial or body wash commercial. Online advertising, though it may not be as openly discussed at a party, has proven itself effective time and […]

In Defense of Luxury Car Christmas Ads

I’ve heard a lot of people around me complaining about the “ridiculous” luxury car commercials that are currently being flooded into the market. Most of the complaints I’ve heard have been in reference to the fact that they are simply unbelievable. Like this one: It seems a bit far-fetched that such a young couple, in […]

Email Marketing Software Vendors

Email marketing is without a doubt an important aspect of ANY business. Regardless of whether you are consumer-based, or business-to-business focused, email marketing is one of the most useful marketing tools available to you. For easy reference, here is a list of email marketing vendors that I’ve come across in my research. I’ve listed them […]

Connecting is a Piece of Cake

For those people and businesses that are looking for a way to harness the potential power that lies in social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc), take 5 minutes and watch this presentation. There’s a really cool video at the end. The people that creatively use social media to actually connect with people make themselves more attractive […]

The Art of Follow-Up

All salespeople, especially successful ones, know that follow-up with a prospective client is one of the most important steps in the sales cycle. By the way, if you’re one of those people who runs a business and you’re still not convinced you’re main function is salesperson, you need a reality check, but I don’t want […]

1.2 Million Social Media “Experts”

Go do a search on Google for the term “social media expert” without the quotes and you’ll find that Google has indexed 83 million pages that it believes could be relevant to your search. Put the quotes back in and you’ll find that Google believes it has about 1.2 million pages that could be relevant. […]